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Recipe Rambling

5 Aug

Hello people,

allright, here’s the thing: I’ve had two glasses of wine already, I just discovered that my face is totally sunburnt, and I am tired and really only inclined to drop on the couch and watch Steel Magnolias for the xth time. However, there are two pasta recipes I really want to share and I feel like if I don’t do it now they’ll never get posted. That’s why, for once, I’ll just post some pictures, and describe a little what I did, without posting an actual recipe. With a little bit of common sense and a little bit of adventurous experimentation, you will be able to cook this, I know it. So here we go:


This is:
pasta, cooked
string beans, cooked
mascarpone cheese
roasted pine nuts
chopped parsley
salt, pepper to taste

Very easy, very fast, and certainly good with some grilled bacon or chicken, too.

OK: Just now, wordpress is messing with me. Won’t upload my pictures. Whatever. SO I guess I’ll TRY and post the “Pasta with carrots, olives, mint leaves, and crushed cumin” recipe later, or tomorrow. (Or never.)

Goodbye for now, my friends. Eat well! xoxo,