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Recipe Rambling Resumed

13 Aug

Hello again,

let me greet you with these beauties from our kitchen table:


Aren’t they pretty? I looooooooooove sunflowers.
Anyways, a while ago I tried to write an inspirational post about great stuff I’ve cooked, but without any actual recipes, because I was tired and busy (and lazy), and then wordpress wouldn’t upload the pictures, and I got really annoyed and frustrated and I haven’t posted since. But behold! Now I will attend to this unfinished business. Please look at this picture:


This is:
whole wheat pasta, cooked
carrots, sliced and blanched
green olives, pitted and chopped
garlic, minced
cumin seeds, crushed
mint and parsley leaves, chopped
salt, pepper

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, mix well, and eat.

This dish is major! I know that carrot and cumin are often combined in Northern African cuisine, but I had never tried it before, and I just loved it. It tasted good while still hot, and also good as a cold pasta salad the next day. We ate ours (when hot) with small dots of goat cream cheese on top, which worked well as a fresh and creamy sauce substitute.


Allright. Upcoming posts will be detailed recipes again, I promise. I made a batch of puff pastry “muffins” last night which were a hit, and a plum cake and plum preserve with red wine, pepper, and vinegar this morning, and I’ll post those later.

Eat well, y’all. xoxo,