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A Beautiful Plate

23 Apr

Hi there,

a beautiful plate of food! Isn’t bbq season the best? Except that we neither have a backyard, nor a patio, nor a balcony. But no matter; we use the grilling pan and the oven, and anyways, the most important thing is the good weather.
We had: baked potatoes with halloumi cheese, tabouleh, and grilled pork (but I didn’t care much for it…). It was very nice, a really lovely weekend dinner in the sunshine.
I’ve posted the potato/ cheese recipe before, and I wasn’t too much into the meat (I’m difficult with meat), so I’ll just give you the tabouleh recipe. I like making a huge bowl of it, in order to have plenty of leftovers which I can then have for lunch for the rest of the week.

serves 4

1 1/2 cups bulgur wheat (the precooked kind)

2 spring onions, sliced thinly
1/2 cucumber, seeded, sliced
4 tomatoes, seeded, diced
a big handful of parsley leaves, chopped

4 tbsps. lemon juice
6 tbsps. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


In a bowl, cover the bulgur generously with boiling water, add a pinch of salt, and stir. Let sit for 90 mins. Then drain the bulgur well; if you feel like it, spread it on a clean surface or a dish towel, and let dry completely. The grains should have absorbed some water, but still be chewy.

In a large salad bowl, mix the bulgur grains with the prepared vegetables and the parsley. Make a dressing from the lemon juice and olive oil; season generously. Add to the bowl, and mix well. Let sit until serving; if you are able to give it a couple of hours, do so. Adjust the seasoning, and serve. Enjoy!

Enjoy the sunshine!! Eat well!
xoxo, F.

Carrot Salad

9 Jul

Good day to you,


this is one of the easiest salads ever, and it can be adapted freely and pushed into many directions. I made a very basic version last night, because our fridge and cupboard were as empty as a pocket with nothing to lose, but lots and lots of ingredients could be added: nuts, sesame seed, cucumber, apple, cabbage, olives, … You get it. Accordingly, it can be served as a main or side dish salad, or as an entrĂ©e. Here we go:

serves 2-3

4 large carrots, peeled and grated coarsely

3 tbsps. olive oil
6 tbsps. apple juice
salt and pepper to taste


In the salad bowl, combine juice, oil, salt, and pepper. Whisk into a dressing. Add the carrots; mix well and let sit for a while before serving (maybe 20 mins., the longer it marinates the better). Done!

Well, ok. It’s not much of a recipe, I guess. But this salad is so refreshing in summer, and rather filling at the same time. You could also add a little bit of lemon juice.

Goodbye for now! Eat well.
xoxo, F.

Chickpea Salad with Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil

17 Jun

Hello there, good evening!


After spending the afternoon at the pool, I came home sunburnt (when will I ever learn?), tired, and hungry. This salad was the perfect dinner, because it took about 10 seconds to throw together, and also turned out to be nice, light summer food. There really isn’t much to it, but it tasted so good! I used canned chickpeas, because I actually like them better than the soaked, ‘homemade’ ones, but that’s up to you, of course. I debated the basil for a while (in my head. with myself), because I wasn’t sure whether it would work with the chickpeas – in the end, I told to myself to take a chance, dance like nobody is watching, etc., and just threw some in. It worked, I liked it. In any case, I am sure that parsley instead would also taste very good, as would a different type of lettuce.

serves 2

1 small can chickpeas (about 2 cups, I’d say)
1 ball mozzarella
6 grape tomatoes
2 big handfuls green salad leaves, e.g. romaine
1 handful of fresh basil, chopped

5 tbsps. olive oil
2 tbsps. white balsamico vinegar
salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar to taste



Wash and drain the chickpeas in a sieve.
Cut the mozzarella, the tomatoes, and the lettuce into bitesized chunks.

In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Season generously, mix gently, and serve with bread. Enjoy!

Easy, no? I wonder how feta cheese would taste in this. Must try…
xoxo, F.

Rice Salad with Grilled Peppers and Avocado

16 Jun

Good evening,

yes, another salad! I know that there are a couple of rice-and-avocado-salads out there on the interwebs, people call them ‘deconstructed sushi rolls’ or something, which is funny. My idea here was to push that into more of a mediterranean direction, hence the grilled peppers, balsamico vinegar, and fresh basil.
I have to admit that preparing those peppers took some time, so if you are in a hurry, I’d suggest simply dicing them raw and then fry them for a couple of minutes, i.e. not bother with the peeling process. About peeling peppers I’m not so sure anyways. I mean I get the idea, but on the other hand, the peel really doesn’t bother me. I don’t peel tomatoes, either. So, as often in life, this totally depends on one’s personal taste, and by all means feel free to do it or not. Aaaaaaanyhoodle, here comes the recipe.

serves 4

3 bell peppers
1 ripe avocado
1 cup rice

1 handful of fresh basil
3 tbsps. olive oil
1 tbsp. white balsamico vinegar
salt and pepper to taste



In a pot, cover the rice with 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, add a pinch of salt (or vegetable stock powder), and let cook on medium heat until the water is absorbed. Remove from heat, stir, and let sit.

In the meantime, wash the peppers, and cut into stripes. Place the stripes, skin down, in a hot grill pan. Let sit until the skin turns black and blisters.


Take them out, put them into a bowl, and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let sit for a couple of minutes.

In the meantime, dice the avocado. I always cut it in half, take out the stone, cut the flesh into little cubes, and then kind of turn the avocado half inside out. That way, nice little avocado pieces fall right into my salad bowl.


Next, take the pepper slices out of the bowl, and start the laborious process of peeling them. Cut into pieces.


In a bowl, combine rice, peppers, and avocado. Add vinegar and oil, and season with salt and pepper. Lastly, chop the basil, and add. Mix gently. Serve with bread.


When we ate our salad, it was still a little warm, which I liked. But naturally, you can also let this salad prepare ahead of time and serve it cold. I think that some leafy greens would also work well in this, maybe baby spinach leaves?

For tomorrow I’m planning a chickpea-mozzarella-tomato-salad. We’ll see how that turns out!
Until then,
xoxo, F.

Bean Salad

28 May


Speaking of main dish salads… here comes another one.


A simple bean salad, with garlic, rosemary, parsley, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, and parmesan. Kind of mediterranean, no? In any case, tasty. I used canned beans (this was kind of a last minute dinner); if you don’t like those, use dried ones. Soak them in water over night, and cook them the next day. Here we go:

serves 3-4

2 small cans white beans, e.g. fava beans (I forget the net weight; I’d say approx. 1 1/2 pounds, when drained)

big handful of sundried tomatoes
4 tbsps. white balsamico vinegar
6 tbsps. olive oil
1 big garlic clove, minced
1 tsp. dried rosemary, ground
salt, pepper to taste
2 big handfuls of parsley leaves, chopped

4 tbsps. pine nuts

4 tbsps. parmesan cheese, freshly grated


Drain the beans in a sieve.

Cut the tomatoes into strips, put into a small bowl, and cover with warm water for about 10 mins. Take out and drain.

Combine vinegar, oil, garlic, rosemary, parsley, and tomatoes; season with salt and pepper.

Roast the pine nuts in a hot pan until they turn light brown, and add to the dressing.

In a large bowl, combine beans and dressing. Finally, sprinkle with parmesan. Serve with bread. Enjoy!


Easy, right? But so good… Naturally, this salad only gets better if you let it ‘marinate’ for a while.

Other than main dish salads, this is what my diet mainly consists of these days:


Watermelon with fresh mint leaves. I cannot get enough of that.

xoxo, F.

Pasta Salad with Arugula and Smoked Trout

25 May

Hello there!

Where we are, it has been very warm over the weekend and today. When it is hot I tend to not really cook dinner, but rather prepare main dish salads: potato salad, bean salad, egg salad,… and last night: this pasta salad.


Easy to prepare, and makes great leftovers! Plus, the salad does not contain mayonaise (which I am not the biggest fan of); the dressing is prepared with yogurt and lemon juice. So it’s not too heavy, either, but still filling.

serves 4

approx. 10 oz. pasta; I used fettucine
2 eggs

2 big handfuls arugula
2 tbsps. fresh chives, snipped

8 tbsps. plain yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup whipped cream
1 tsp. horseradish (from a glass)
zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
salt, pepper, sugar, to taste

2 medium trout filets, smoked


Cook and drain the pasta. Boil the eggs until hard, approx. 8 mins. Peel the eggs, and cut into slices.

Combine yogurt, milk, whipped cream, and horseradish; mix well. Add chives, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Stir; season with salt, pepper, and sugar.

In a large bowl, carefully mix pasta, eggs, arugula, chives, and dressing. Cut or pluck the fish into pieces, and add. Enjoy!


I prepared ours right before we ate it, so it was still a little warm, which I liked. But I am sure that this can be prepared ahead of time as well; simply let the salad cool and put it into the fridge until serving.

xoxo, F.