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Pear and Blue Cheese Crostata

9 Apr

Hello people,

today’s recipe is a) super easy, b) super delicious, hence c) super great and you should all make it this weekend. It is also d) not mine in any way. I found it at The Kitchn, and I didn’t change it one bit. So: I’ll just provide a link: pear and blue cheese crostata.

I made this for dessert when we had my family over for dinner, and it was a huge hit. There’s really not much more I can think of to say, except: PLEASE TRY THIS IT IS AMAZING I THOUGHT THAT PEAR AND GRUYERE WAS MY FAVORITE PEAR AND FRUIT COMBINATION BUT PEAR AND BLUE CHEESE IS EVEN BETTER AND IT COMES IN A SWEET AND CRUMBLY CROSTATA FORM SO WHAT ELSE COULD ANYONE WANT??????

Have a wonderful weekend!!
xoxo, F.