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25 Jun


enjoy your weekend, the weather is beautiful! Picnic weather! Ice cream weather! Beer and burgers weather!
xoxo, F.


Julie Arkell.

20 Jun

Hello people,

I discovered Julie Arkell’s artwork over the weekend, and omg, how awesome is she? I especially love, love, love this bunny lady:

A quiet adventurer! The way used materials are combined into something new, how mundane stuff is molded into something unusual, how this expresses the quiet adventures of everyday life, simple and yet special – it’s very impressive, no?

What is it about these little dudes that makes them so very touching?

xoxo, F.

All images via craft2eu

Mixed Bag.

11 Jun


here’s what I cooked the other night:

I don’t know what to call it. Think chicken chorizo couscous, but with hamburger, chickpeas, and bulgur, ok? I won’t post a recipe, allright, because I didn’t measure anything, I just threw this together and it was good! If you want to make it, use the couscous recipe as a guideline: onion + garlic + meat + grains + fluid + extra stuff you want to add. Enjoy!


Chocolate chip cookies with almonds, y’all! While it was a not so hot idea to bake them when it was like 90° outside, it was awesome to munch on them all day. If you want a recipe, use Nestlés, or your mom’s – you probably have it memorized anyways.

Allright, that’s it for today! Great post, right? Har har.
Enjoy the sunshine.
xoxo, F.

Oh no please don’t.

7 Jun

Hello people,

this is sick and stupid and infuriating. I won’t go into it – others can do that way better than me – but omg Urban Outfitters, what is wrong with you?

Eat more, is what we should do. Eat more good, satisfying food, which is healthily produced, prepared, and consumed.

xoxo, F.

Via The Frisky

Oh yes it is.

4 Jun

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Enjoy the weekend! Do some reading!
xoxo, F.