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This weekend, it would be super to…

28 Jan

So how was the week? Pretty unremarkable, nonetheless allright.
High late winter waters around here, which I like:

I see plenty of walks along the river in the future.

Anyways, this weekend it would be super to cook the following three-course dinner, I’m thinking maybe on Sunday night, and then collapse on the couch and watch the mystery on TV:
1) a nice green salad
2) chickpea casserole
3) butterscotch pie
Sadly, I won’t have the time. I’m guessing we’ll be consuming pasta w/ pesto on the couch, trying to keep our eyes open.

Have the best weekend, everyone!
xoxo, F.

Looking forward to…

24 Jan

… the week. For some reason, I’m really exited today that it is Monday and we have the whole week ahead of us. My cheery companion:

A gift from a friend. I love it.
Here’s to the week, cheerio!
xoxo, F.

Resolutions, intentions.

12 Jan

xoxo, F.

Happy New Year.

4 Jan

A new year means a new calendar, which makes me very happy. This year I’m using a free calendar from somewhere, which I personalized with wrapping paper and a piece of bow and some cut out pictures which represent how I wish wish wish this year to be (gifts, flowers, a heart, and a number tag… what does this say about me, if anything?). I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Happy new year.
xoxo, F.