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Random Pictures.

30 Jan

Hello blog,

I really want to post something, but since I am basically on hiatus at the moment, I’ve just selected some random pictures from my library which I find beautiful. Life has come to a halt around here; I’m doing the basics, like making baked potatoes, looking out the window, breathing, and brushing my teeth, but apart from that, I’m just… waiting. Which is cool, generally, but also a little annoying. I don’t like not getting things done. The solution is, of course, to really, really minimize the amount of things that have to get done. For the moment – I’m not giving up my to do lists that are usually forty miles long! Ha.

Good times.
Successful waiting requires patience. Learning patience is hard for me.
xoxo, F.


… And A Happy New Year.

8 Jan

Here’s to the new year! Exciting things are about to happen. Things will change, life will ebb and flow, as usual. This is it! Let’s try to not be too scared (just a little, healthy bit).

Awesome drawing by Chris Piascik.