… And A Happy New Year.

8 Jan

Here’s to the new year! Exciting things are about to happen. Things will change, life will ebb and flow, as usual. This is it! Let’s try to not be too scared (just a little, healthy bit).

Awesome drawing by Chris Piascik.


Merry, Merry Christmas.

18 Dec


Christmas is near and that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. This year, I’m really into it. Looking forward to all those things: counting my blessings, gathering with my loved ones, baking cookies, giving and receiving presents, eating, eating, eating, taking walks in the dark, contemplating that baby in the manger.

I mean, seriously. Somehow I am unable to have any ironic feelings towards Christmas this year. We have candles and wreaths and stockings and many other pieces of Christmas decor, and I love it so much.

I dunno. Is this what getting older and having babies does to you? And is that a bad thing?
Either way: have a merry, merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

xoxo, F.

Wordless Wreath Tutorial

12 Dec

TTTE (Too Tired To Elaborate). But it’s rather self-explanatory, no?
xoxo, F.

Some Small Things.

22 Nov

Hello blog!
I haven’t posted in a really long time. Stuff keeps getting in the way! Which is annoying (to myself only, I realize), but also, well… this is the life. So here’s some of the stuff.

Scones with strawberry jam.

So basically, instead of doing what I should be doing – i.e. thinking and working really hard – I tape pictures which I cut out from magazines to the soap bottles we use in the kitchen. And then I’m happy.

Interesting succulents by the kitchen window.

Goodbye, fall! I’ll miss you. Not sure if I’m ready for winter/ Christmas, but we’ll see!
xoxo, F.

Can You Believe It? Fall Is Here!

20 Oct

Oh yes! And I love it. It has gotten quite chilly, but that’s fine.
We eat a lot of sweet potatoes and squash and pumpkin dishes, creamy sauces, casseroles, plum desserts… all the good, comforty stuff.
We go outside ‘collecting:’ chestnuts, sticks, leaves, stones…
We drink a lot of tea and hot chocolate.
We have to wear caps already!
We are thinking about the first batch of cookies. (Peanut and caramel?)
We look around us and are so happy and grateful. We try to be relaxed and creative and diligent and not scared.
This is it! This is the life.


20 Sep

… or gladioli?
Either way, they sit on my kitchen window sill and are very pretty. I love those retro colors.
Fall is coming! And that’s not a bad thing.
xoxo, F.

To hold aloft the enchanted flag of summertime…

7 Aug

Hi there,
those words up there aren’t mine (sadly); they are Michael Chabons.
Anyway; summer is almost over, and yet still in full swing. What did we do?

We went blueberry picking:

Most of them were eaten right away, just like that. Yumsers. But I also made pancakes:

And also a beautiful, wonderful blueberry raspberry tarte:

On our dinner table we have flowers grown on the balcony:

They make me so happy.

How’s your summer going?
xoxo, F.