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Roundup: Food

13 Jun

Howdy, everybody!

Here we go, then. Some stuff I’ve been cooking, baking, making. Let’s start with the food, shall we?
First, two things that tasted super and looked good, too, but I took crappy pictures, hence no post:


A raspberry milk shake (which brings all the boys to the yard… wink wink), consisting of milk, sugar, frozen berries. Puree, and enjoy.

Then, one of my favourite desserts ever:


Eton Mess! Although, not really. I added quark cheese to the whipped cream. I simply cannot eat that much whipped cream just like that! It’s too much for my stomach. Plus, I really like quark, and it goes well with strawberries. Quark-cream (sweetened) + fresh strawberries + meringues = heavenly summer dessert.

Ok, moving on. Here are some dishes that tasted good, but somehow their appearance… not that it matters, of course.


A red lentil soup with cashew nuts, carrots, and green chili paste. It was hot! Hence the yogurt. Kind of looks like a giant, inverted fried egg.


That’s a pizza, with goat cream cheese instead of tomato sauce. The topping consists of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and bits of smoked ham. Sorry about the blurry picture!
Then, a veggie lasagna:


Ok, this was really good. It’s a basic lasagna (only that I ran out of lasagna plates and had to use some cannelloni for the last layer), but vegetarian. Again, I used goat cheese, and I layered it like this: basic tomato sauce, pasta, sauce consisting of goat cream cheese, spinach, and garlic, pasta, … and then top generously with freshly grated mozzarella. Yummy!


These are some basic milk buns (classic yeast dough w/ warm milk instead of water, one egg, and some butter), and they tasted fine, but for some reasons while in the oven they decided that they wanted to look like Toad from Super Mario.

And this endeavour, my friends, was a true fail. Guess what this was supposed to be…


Ladyfingers. Hahahahahahaha. They were flat as a flounder, and tasted just like… I don’t know. Not like ladyfingers at all.

Ok, so that was that. Tomorrow: some crafty stuff I’ve been at. Not that it’s that much, but hey… I’ve been thinking: something to bring food and crafts together would be fabric food, or knitted fruits etc. Maybe I’ll give those a go one day.

Good night!
xoxo, F.