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This is the Life

12 Jun

Good evening,

I have been absent for some time now. The excuse: I was really, really busy… with: work, and life. Although we certainly have eaten, there wasn’t anything special and postworthy, I’d say. I mean, in busy times, I tend to cook the boring classics: pasta, rice, couscous, whatever, with veggies. Plus: storebought snacks. That’s it. However, I noticed a trend: over the past two weeks or so, I managed to cook dishes that taste fine, but look particularly ugly. Hm? I’ll put together a round-up of those tomorrow. Also, I was thinking of posting some crafts that I’ve done. Do they belong here? I don’t know. Hey, dude, it’s my blog, I can post about whatever I want. Sweet, dude. Another also: I will be adding a blogroll. Soon. Not that I read that many, but there’s just so much good stuff out there… Ok. That’s it for now. xoxo, F.
For your pleasure, a random picture:


A garland I made a while ago, and a super cute little fabric bird I bought recently. Should I use this as my theme picture? I’m not sure. I kind of dig the seeing stones.